The Corona Bunker-Ashram Project OR From Covid-19 ridden fat a** to unicorn in a month ! / Reflections from the bunker.

Captain’s log, Stardate 28th March 2020.

This is more than emergency!

A foreign bat loving virus has taken over our planet. Life on Earth is now nothing but images of deserted tourist sites and fake news of dolphins swimming in canals in Venice shared to death on social media. Most countries have ordered lights out on their economies. Netflix is on lower streaming quality. A total lockdown declared. Well apart from Sweden, where life goes on pretty much as normal, and which I’m now convinced is the coolest country on Earth. But elsewhere.

Also, a thriving new toilet paper hoarding class took over many societies violently and immediately started oppressing the poor toilet paperless classes by stubbornly refusing to contribute their fair share to the rest of wiping society. Not to mention my favourite curry “Indian Room” is no longer delivering and I haven’t had tandoori in weeks. I have not had a haircut in ages either(!!) and its getting increasingly embarrassing when whilst working from home I “meet” with my clients over video conference. In the words of one orange president, “It’s sad. Very sad”. I now must take actions on my own judgment or soon be forced to be entering an orbit around a certain black hole previously uncharted, so I can find new ways to wipe. Wish me luck. 

But on a more back to Earth kinda note though… My guess is, this unreal age of Corona lockdown will not last as long as it may now perhaps seem, but… it might… And as we can’t see into the future and find out, and whilst most of us are not Swedes and are very much in lockdown, we still have an incredible once in a life time (I hope!) opportunity, to use this time we are doing, to improve the conditions inside our bunkers by improving ourselves. Think about it !! Now is the time we never had. How often do incredible opportunities like this present themselves after all??

I got some inspiration reading an article recently about the Prison-Ashram Project that was first launched in 1973 by Human Kindness Foundation. The idea was teaching inmates to use meditation and other techniques to turn their prison time into an Ashram like experience (Traditionally Ashram is a spiritual hermitage, like a monastery). In many prisons around the world this program has managed to help prisoners to increase self awareness, self confidence and hopefulness and to significantly reduce levels of anxiety, anger, violence, recidivism, alcoholism, drug abuse and other risky behaviour. Could work out pretty well for locked down corona inmates too I reckon !? 

See I’m not the kinda guy who’s gonna go quietly into the dark. And so I’m gonna declare my personal Corona Bunker-Ashram Project! And if I won’t emerge from the bunker as philosopher king or elite athlete or 🦄, perhaps at the very least I’ll get rid of the extra 2kg of fat I’ve gained eating Ben and Jerries over those last 3 weeks of self pitying isolation and get myself back into shape!

I already started making some changes to the way that I exercise and eat over the past 3 1/2 months. Around December last year, I found out that my cholesterol levels jumped to some pretty dangerously high numbers. My LDL levels were high. My triglycerides were 2.5 times what they should’ve been. Heart attack waiting to happen. Needless to say I was shocked. How did this happen to me I thought… I was working out… I was being healthy’ish… Right?? Then again admittedly, I was very stressed at work, a stone over weight, no longer a spring chicken, eating and drinking pretty much whatever I felt like whilst being certain I’m the picture of health and an example of a human being, and the truth started showing in my blood levels… 

Mark Twain once said apparently that it ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so…

Thankfully, I’m this incredibly shallow Netflix for education consuming average crack pot individual who just before receiving his blood test results watched the Game Changers and Forks over Knives and the rest of them silly films. And so I immediately exploded into action, changed my diet from carnivores BBQ enthusiast to calorie counting predominantly plant based whole foods consuming kinda guy. I cut alcohol to rare occasions only, and increased my work outs to twice a day (!!) running, gym, yoga, just like I did years ago in the good old six pack days.

Overkill? You tell me. A month later my cholesterol levels were not only excellent, I probably didn’t have them this low when I was 16 yo. The cholesterol was gone. Flat. Moving fast forward three months I also lost 8.5kg and I am now back from an overweight BMI of 27.4 to a healthy BMI of 24.5. And although there is still a way to go, (oh yeah, make not mistake!) apart from a little mysterious corona episode from which I’m quickly recovering, I feel amazing. Re-born baby!

And so now back to this lockdown scenario and to Bunker – Ashram project. There is no time to waste the way I see it. This lockdown is what I’ve been waiting for my entire life. I will get started by launching a 30 days phase 1 of The Project starting tomorrow morning and with the following challenges to complete:- 

1. 30 days of Yoga every day. 
2. 30 days of a weight lifting program 4 times per week. 
3. 30 days of improving my 5K running speed program, come rain or come shine. 
4. Reading 4 books I’ve never had time for over the next 30 days. 
5. And one just for fun, brewing tasty craft beer at home for the first time ever ! (Anyone has any great recipes please share !!!) And then throwing one hell of a party to my friends and neighbours immediately when the lockdown is lifted so they can all drop by for a pint or 10.

And if the lockdown continues?? Well, in that case I’ll just have to launch a phase 2! 

I’d love to know what you guys are doing to make the best out of this lockdown – I’m sure there’s incredible stuff going on in numerous bunkers out there… – share share share in the comments below !!! 

And I might just keep you posted at times as to how it all goes here too… Wishing you a great and incredibly productive lockdown weekend or just a normal weekend if you happen to live in 🇸🇪. 

Lots of hand sanitising and toilet paper y’all !!

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