The day after the C19 pandemic / Reflections from the bunker.

How long will C19 pandemic last before WHO declares we are in the clear? And what will the world look like the day after ? Will our lives be the same? Whilst no one knows the answers for sure, we can always examine the aftermath of the previous pandemic, the infamous Spanish Flu, for some clues as to what’s coming towards us… 

But first a quick reminder… The Spanish Flu killed between 40-120 million human beings (the jury’s still out there as to how many exactly) during the years 1918/19. To make things just slightly more challenging for mankind’s ability to cope with it, the virus hit our species incredibly hard right when we were so terribly busy killing each other during WW1, that in itself left over 40 million people dead and our world in utter chaos and destruction.

Those were the days my friends – It is hard to even begin to imagine what life on planet Earth must have been like during those horrific years… Yet here we are. The beautiful, resilient, incredibly adaptable, resourceful, fantastic, and selfie obsessed bat eating species that we are. 

But wait, we didn’t just survive the Spanish Flu. Oh no. When the virus was gone forever a year after it first showed up, we launched the greatest party of all times and one that lasted a decade, The Roaring 20’s!!! And to spice them 20’s up a little we invented Jazz, Art Deco, women won the right to vote, automobiles, cinema, radio, modern aviation and the first transatlantic flight, television, penicillin, antibiotics, homosexuality became more acceptable, psychoanalysis was invented and the stock exchange exploded with activity making many Wall Street speculators rich beyond their dreams, to just name a few phenomenon that followed… champagne yet anyone ?? 

Whatever about to happen next my dear friends, this won’t be a ride any of us will forget anytime soon, so buckle up, take a deep breath. I’m glad I could help ! (Oh and stop hoarding toilet paper. Like seriously. Stop doing that. I for one have nearly run out !!)

Now go wash your hands and have a nice day!

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