The Philosophy of Brewing Financial Freedom / The Beer Diaries Vol 1.

Photo: Chris Cohen

Beer. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starBeer home boutique Sabbatilife Enterprise. Its mission: to explore strange new beers. To seek out new all grain recipes and brew some seriously good Lager. To boldly brew great IPA and Stout and maybe even nettle Beer but most of all, to make the brew master FREE. 

And in other more worldly words: “The Beer Diaries” will follow my personal journey to home boutique all-grain brewing as an integral component of an overall philosophy aimed at brewing (read:achieving) a truly robust financial freedom and a rich purposeful life.

My motto for this journey is simple: Brew to avoid getting brewed!

Now, I already shared in a previous post the ‘finger in the air business case to home brewing’ so I will not repeat it here, and feel free to scan through it before proceeding. But long story short: it’s unsurprisingly a complete no brainer. Brewing your own, as with most other in-sourced activities, will of course save and even earn you an incredible amount of money over the long run as long as the savings are invested wisely. A much more detailed business case will naturally be produced and shared as we progress through the pages of the diary. 

What Does Beer Has To Do With Freedom Anyway

So why beer, in case you’re asking yourself.
And what has brewing Ale at home got to do with anything anyway??

Well my friend, home brewing to me quite frankly is not just any other in-sourced activity, like say doing your own plumbing. It is a metaphor to a greatly enhanced quality of life and the key to joyful robust freedom. Let me try to clarify this statement:

Brewing your own, is a powerful tool to switch off the old and the dependent hyper-consumerist mindset that cannot see beyond the choice available on the supermarket shelf or online, and boldly replace it with the new and free spirited Zen Buddhist Shoshin or the “beginner’s mind”, that seeks to create the new instead of consuming what already is.

A mind free of preconceptions and thirsty (quite literally!) to explore and discover the realms of the possible. Brewing your own, enables not only great savings through bringing the price of a pint of beer down to pennies, but it switches on a far more purposeful, responsible and can-do centric approach to life itself.

It is a metaphor to the art of truly living fully and the seeking of a financial freedom that is built on bettering and optimising oneself rather than by refraining from action to save and subsequently invest a dime.

Now please remember, it’s brewing freedom I’m here to write about. These ain’t The Liver Cirrhosis Diaries or The Leaving Las Vegas diaries in case you wondered. Unfortunately, this also means that this series of posts here won’t come with that incredible yet heart breaking Leaving Las Vegas soundtrack either though why not switch it on whilst brewing.

A sustainable robust freedom – the one I subscribe to – and the buyback of one’s limited time on earth, cannot be achieved without greatly enhancing oneself by intentionally breaking out of one’s chains of conditioned thinking patterns. This is where the process of ‘creating the new’ enters to disrupt the old and established.

In the quest to achieve financial freedom through all its numerous phases, having achieved a sufficient degree of passive income that then acts to cover one’s expenses can certainly increase one’s control over one’s time on earth and reduce one’s dependencies from mortgaging any of it away to an employer or a loan shark. There is no question about that.

However, just saving aggressively to enable reliance on a portfolio/rentals cannot by itself provide an unshakeable base for a robust financial freedom. What freedom is there in switching dependence on an employer to another dependence on a passively managed investment portfolio/rentals that is subject in turn to ever changing market conditions and the roller coaster ride that these provide.

The obvious point here being that by focusing on tactics alone instead of on the end game of living a truly rich and purposeful life, one can only achieve a little more of the same even if in enhanced quarters. Having the portfolio/rentals is a level of freedom quite advanced and might present itself in a slightly more convenient fashion to the typical ex employee. But without a solid life changing strategy and a sound methodology, this financial freedom may end up being fragile and prone to both behavioural and financial failure.

True freedom therefore comes from releasing oneself from conditioning to the captive consumer mindset. It is achieved by adopting a code designed to provide greater levels of living skills optimised to enable a more ‘Walden’ like self-reliance, whilst exercising a more Startre like life of radical freedom of choice, lived and enjoyed to the fullest(!) by avoiding the traps of living in what Sartre called ‘bad faith’ and whilst still very much strongly leveraging the power of the free markets – without however creating avoidable dependencies on these for success. 

Adhering to this code – let’s just refer to it as the Sabbatilife Code – enables a state of financial freedom that will effortlessly follow as a natural byproduct. But this can materialise fully only when the restricted penny hole view to life is removed, if such exists in an individual, and one begins to behave like an explorer of new worlds seeking the new yet to be explored realms outside the commonly perceived framework of the known and old.

It’s this approach I find, that greatly elevates the individual’s mind and will to reach out to one’s infinite potential. That’s where true robust freedom lies. That is my Zen and ocean of calm. And the joyful living derived from forever experimenting with a young foolish and curious beginner’s mind! 

Optimise Yourself & FI Will Follow Almost Entirely On Its Own

Let’s view another example to help clarify the proposed philosophy:

Growing one’s food in a back yard victory garden will naturally lead to greater independence from fruit and vegetable farmers and their pesticides as well as from large supermarket chains. Apply greater personal responsibility and care for your health and for how you fuel your body and as a byproduct you will realise a greater savings/investment ratio.

Equally, learn to become your own vehicle mechanic and you will naturally become a more skilled and in control version of yourself. The byproduct here will be the total annihilation of any bills occurring from having to take your car to the garage owner for reasons entirely avoidable.

Clearly then the “product” and where you should focus your development efforts is You! And more precisely developing an enhanced version of yourself.
The byproduct is naturally realised as an exciting adventurous journey to a more robust joyful financial freedom.

Freedom to a degree even from the free markets themselves. This becomes especially obvious when the markets panic due to a Black Swan event, or when a pandemic freezes supply chains. For the impact on your gardening or mechanical skills from the market crash or the pandemic caused empty supermarket shelves, should be entirely non-existent. And as your living expenses become reduced subsequently to these and other in-sourcing activities, your degree of fragility from the swings in the stock exchange become even further reduced.

A supermarket during the Covid-19 “Toilet Paper Panic”
A permaculture garden during the Covid-19 pandemic

Now you can see how the ‘Sabbatilife Code’ naturally applies to brewing your own beer. And home-brew brings with it ever so slightly more magic! It will not only release you from the giant claws of the alcohol beverage industry and its stronghold on your pallet, liver and wallet should you wish a cold pint in your hand. And it won’t just place you in control of the exciting process of beer production from the boil to tasting your first ever freshly brewed cold one. Nor does it even just spit out the byproduct of becoming a wealthier and happier investor with lesser dependencies on the erratic markets if/when you choose to FIRE

No, much more than that and hence its beer I chose these diaries to focus on and not the in-sourcing of unblocking your clogged drains. To me the Sabbatilife Code produced home-brew pours itself straight onto the holy grail of living authentically. Living lean and yet luxuriously! Frugally but joyfully. And without ever compromising on quality for even a single moment.

It is a journey filled with abundance and happiness instead of a sense deprivation from mere frugality. You will not be just looking for the cheapest beer on the shelf to save another dime towards your goal. But rather you will brew the best beer in town hands down (yes, of course this is possible!) and enjoy the finest qualities for far less than the cheapest pint you could otherwise buy in your corner shop. You will not be hiding from life to make it cheap and mean so you could start truly living “one day in the future when you’ll be FI at last” – No, you will immediately explode into action and make sure the highest quality of life happens right now!!

And once the art of brewing is mastered my friend, you will have another eternal tool in your toolbox of living skills, to keep you going no matter where you live or what happens to the markets. It is a wonderful process of creating rather than refraining. And by creating the new, and ridding yourself from the old, you will also enable the byproduct of becoming truly free. Financially and in every other way.

Let the journey begin!!

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